Thursday (10th Day of Christmas)

  • Same early AM routine as yesterday.
  • In consultation with three commentaries, did exegetical work on the readings for Epiphany IV (February 3 at Christ the King, Normal). This is often my favorite part of the sermon development process, and I devoted the entire rest of the morning to it..
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Took my daily 75-minute (or thereabouts) walk on a sunny and somewhat mild early afternoon.
  • Got through a big chunk of the exorcism rite development project.
  • Got organized for preaching on Epiphany V (February 10 at Holy Trinity, Danville)–said my prayers, created a Word file, pasted the texts of the readings into it, read them carefully and jotted down a few preliminary notes.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda in our domestic oratory.
  • After a dinner of homemade Cincinnati-style chili, I packed for three nights away and hit the road southbound at 7:07pm, arriving at the Springfield office at around 10:30.
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