We’re headin’ to the barn, and the horses can small the hay, oats, and sugar cubes.

As always, see here for an issues-oriented perspective.

No more committee work. The legislative session began at 0900. The House of Bishops quickly burned through the handful of resolutions that were on the calendar–at this point mostly requests to concur with actions taken by the Deputies–and then we were just plain out of work, from underemployed to unemployed. Strangest thing I’ve ever had happen at General Convention. After a bit, at the request of one of the bishops, we went into executive session. This was not to cover up a conflict or anything like that, and it was completely unrelated to any General Convention business. It was a time of personal sharing and prayer.

We broke for lunch about a half-hour early. I grabbed a quick couple of tacos and then headed up to the JWMarriott for another Communion Partner bishops strategy session. We’re working on an “Austin Statement” that will be released sometime tomorrow or the next day.

Back in legislative session at 2:15. There was a trickle of business, but we spent an awful lot of time from then until around 4:45 just standing around in informal conversation groups.

The Springfield deputation all had dinner together.


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