Up bright and early (because that’s what the sun does these days) in my Oconomowoc, WI hotel room, with time to shower, dress, pack, and enjoy a fairly leisurely breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and still be on the road before 0800. This put me home at 12:45, and with time to unpack, get organized, and decompress a bit, I was in the office at 2pm. Had two substantial in-person conversations: first with Dean Hook over an area of diocesan responsibility that has been assigned to him, then with Paige regarding the summer issue of the Springfield Current. The bulk of the remainder of the afternoon was spent closely editing, polishing, printing, and scheduling for posting my homily for this Sunday (Trinity, Jacksonville, on their feast-of-title). Evening Prayer in the cathedral, and then a slightly earlier than usual departure–about 4:45.

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