• Early morning workout: weights and treadmill. MP in the car. In the office before 0930.
  • Did reconstructive surgery on the old sermon text for Trinity Sunday, toward repurposing it for use this year at Trinity, Jacksonville.
  • Got back to work doing liturgy planning for the St Michael’s conference. Today’s goal: Choose hymns and service music and identify readings and pick Prayers of the People for the six celebrations of the Eucharist that will happen that week.
  • Interrupted that work to keep an 11am appointment with my psychotherapist.
  • Grabbed lunch for Brenda and me at Popeye’s and brought it home to eat.
  • Back to the liturgy planning. Such work is time-consuming.
  • Got into the weeds with my homily for Proper 4 (June 3 in Alton Parish). Started with a developed outline and emerged with a rough draft.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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