Three New Honorary Canons

As the quaint and complicated system of what we would now call “staff” positions evolved in English cathedrals during the Middle Ages, any priest attached to a cathedral (in a full-time stipendiary way) who was not the Dean was designated a “canon.” This is still largely the case, both in England, and in cathedrals in the Episcopal Church.

Over time, it also became customary to create honorary canons. These could be either active or retired clergy–and, more recently, lay people–sometimes diocesan staff members, who have distinguished themselves in some way deserving of honor and recognition. Honorary canons are nominated by the Bishop, and such nominations are then ratified by the Chapter of the cathedral. They have no actual duties in connection with the cathedral, but are entitled to be referred to as “The Reverend Canon A. B.” or “Canon B.” They may also wear a cassock with red piping.

At its regular March meeting, the Chapter of St Paul’s cathedral ratified Bishop Daniel’s nomination of the following individuals to be made canons of St Paul’s:

The Reverend Timothy J. Hallett retired in May 2011 after 35 years as rector of the Chapel of St John the Divine in Champaign, our flagship campus ministry at the University of Illinois. During Fr Hallett’s tenure, the Chapel “graduated” generations of “alumni” who have gone on the assume key leadership roles in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. On his watch, the east end of the chapel was finally completed. Canon Hallett and his wife Mary are retired in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Reverend Alan A. Herbst retired in November 2012 after nearly 28 years as rector of Emmanuel Memorial Church in Champaign. Under Fr Alan’s leadership, Emmanuel grew to become the largest parish of the diocese, a position it still enjoys. He has also been a linchpin in the affairs of the diocese, serving most recently, with distinction, as chaplain to both synods leading the election of our present bishop in 2010. Canon Herbst is retired in Champaign.

The Reverend William N. Malottke is the de facto dean of the diocesan clergy, having been ordained in 1959 by the sixth Bishop of Springfield, Charles Asa Clough. He has served in a variety of diocesan positions over the years, and was rector of Trinity, Jacksonville from 1970 until 1996. Canon Malottke and his wife Carla are retired in McLeansboro.

Hearty congratulations to Canon Hallett, Canon Herbst, and Canon Malotkke.

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  • Mary Lou Johnson April 7, 2014, 4:32 pm

    I am trying to locate Rev. Timothy Hallett who was a “priest” at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Mankato Minnesota in l967. He is my son’s God Father and I would like to get in touch with him to tell him about Tom’s latest struggle so he might call him or something.

    Mary Lou Johnson

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