Third Sunday of Advent

All’s well that ends well. but there was rather more drama than I care for en route to getting there. I was awake and up and 0-dark-thirty, and aware that I didn’t need to set out for Centralia until 0900, so I decided to grab a walk after offering Morning Prayer in the dark cathedral. But, first, it seemed prudent to move the YFNBmobile out of the diocesan garage, lest some inattentive cathedral parishioner decide to park in front of it. I entered the code on the keypad, and … nothing. Did it again, lots of times. Still nothing. Got hold of a locksmith, and after I described what I was looking at on the garage doors, he informed that that he would be of no help, and that I needed to call a garage door company. Called several garage door companies, and left passionate voicemail messages. While waiting for a response, I cleaned up, got my “working” clothes on, and got packed, ready to load the yet inaccessible vehicle. Tried the code a few more times, to no avail. Prayed a lot. Started to panic. Finally, one of the garage door guys got back to me, and didn’t have good news: There’s no electronic equivalent to picking a lock. I should probably call a locksmith. It’s getting to be past 0845, and I am not in a good mood. There used to be a clicker for the garage door. Where could it be? I loook around the office. Another garage door guy calls, and points out that there should be a lock in the center of the door that gives access to a cord that can release the door. But I have no key, and there would be no time to get a locksmith out and still get me to Centralia on time. I try the code for the 59th time (or something like that) … and it works. After heading a couple of blocks down 2nd street, only to double back and retrieve something I’d forgotten, I’m on the road at 0915, and in Centralia in plenty of time for the regular 1130 liturgy at St John’s. Suffice it to say, we will be having somebody look at the garage door opener. And try to find the clicker. Or order a new one. Whew.

St John’s recently entered an exciting ecumenical venture, partnering with an ELCA congregation, Redeemer, that made the decision to sell its building. St John’s and Redeemer now worship and serve as one congregation, each keeping its identity in their respective synods. Fr David Baumann is both the Episcopal priest-in-charge, and the ELCA permanent interim pastor. During Advent, they use the Lutheran liturgy and Episcopal hymns, so I got to celebrate Mass using the Lutheran rite. It had all the elements to make it “kosher” from an Episcopal perspective, though many of the words were different. It was kind of fun.

I made it home to Chicago around 6:15.

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