Third Sunday of Advent

Out the door at 7:30 headed for Carlinville and the regular 9:15 celebration at St Paul’s. Our aim was to get there even a little earlier than usual, as Brenda had been tapped to play the organ prelude, and she hasn’t played an organ for nearly two years! It went well, though, as was always the case when she and I worked together and priest and parish musician, I didn’t get to hear most of the prelude because I was busy getting ready for the service.

We preached the word and celebrated the Eucharist, with minds and hearts never too far from those grieving unspeakable losses from Friday’s mass killings in Connecticut. I’ve written a bit about that subject here. It was a particular joy to confirm four young people–two sets of siblings–at St Paul’s. And the food and fellowship there is always a delight.

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