Third Sunday in Lent

A long day. Up and out of my Mt Vernon hotel room around 0820. McD’s drive-thru for breakfast, then on up I-57 about 25 minutes to Salem, where I presided and preached at the regular 0930 celebration of the Eucharist at St Thomas’. There was the usual tasty repast following the service. I visited with folks until around 11030, when I headed to Springfield, arriving a couple of hours later. I was pleased that there was time for a walk, so I changed into appropriate attire and walked west on Lawrence to MacArthur, south fo South Grand, and west to Second, and back up. There was just enough time to clean up, get changed, and show up in the cathedral for the liturgy rehearsal at 3:30. It went smoothly, under the guidance of Dean Andy Hook. At 4:30 we reconvened for the ordination of Shane Spellmeyer and Jonathan Totty to the transitional diaconate, It was a splendid occasion, and I’m really happy about the gifts these two young men will bring to ordained ministry. Spend some quality time at the reception next door at the Inn at 835, then loaded up the car and started driving north at around 7:20. Pulled into my garage in Chicago right at 11:00. Did I mention it was a long day?

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