The Lord’s Day (XXIV Pentecost … All Saints observed)

  • Waking up in my Springfield office/quarters at a somewhat ungodly hour due to the time change, I decided to “make lemonade,” and set out at 0615 (CST) on a long walk that took me an hour-and-a-quarter: south on Spring to South Grand, east to Ninth, north to Carpenter, west to First, and south through the Capitol grounds back to the office.
  • God cleaned up and packed, hitting the road to Mattoon at 0810, stopping at McD’s for a breakfast sandwich.
  • Presided and preached at Trinity’s regular 1000 liturgy, confirming two adults and receiving one. Impressed to find that they now have a choir, anchored by four Eastern students who receive a small stipend. Substantive post-liturgical conversations with both laity and clergy.
  • Pulled into my Chicago garage at 4:20.
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