The Lord’s Day (XIX Pentecost)

Up in time to attend the 8am Eucharist at St Anne’s, Warsaw, IN, where I served as rector from 2007 until early 2011, when I moved to Springfield to take up my current work. It was my first time back. For any cleric, this is a slightly surreal experience. But it was a good one, and fun to reconnect with people … and with the town that was our happy home for three and half years. After Mass, I met another couple of parishioners and friends, who attend the later service, for a quick breakfast at Mickey D’s.

Then it was a leisurely drive of 120 miles through the drizzle to Shelbyvile, where I had a hotel reservation 85 miles from Cincinnati, where I need to be at noon tomorrow for a meeting of the Forward Movement board. I checked in at 2:30, which left me lots of time to process my email inbox, rest a bit, walk a bit, and get some other odds and ends done.

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