The Lord’s Day (XIII Pentecost)

I emerged from Vacationland late yesterday afternoon as I pointed the YFNBmobile south toward Marion in advance of today’s obligations in Harrisburg. Up and out this morning in time to arrive at St Stephen’s around 9:30. Very distressed to learn that Fr Tim Goodman, their priest-in-charge, has been suffering (and continues to suffer) from a nasty case of shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia therefrom, to be specific). With my blessing, he elected to sit in the congregation with Carol. It was nonetheless a lively and stimulating visit with the people of that Eucharistic Community. There is a young Guatemalan woman and her toddler daughter who have been attending the last three Sundays. She speaks very little English, and apparently I speak better Spanish than anyone else there, so I was tasked with making conversation with her after the liturgy! Arrived home around 4pm. Taking tomorrow as my regular day off, but I’ll be hitting the ground running when I show up at the office on Tuesday. Vacation was good. We spent some time with family and friends in Oregon and California, then a couple of weeks of “staycation,” which I very much enjoy. I got daily vigorous exercise, read a lot, took care of some household projects, and slept in regularly. What’s not to like?

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