The Lord’s Day (VII Pentecost)

We had a relatively leisurely wakeup experience in our Marion hotel room, as the liturgy at St Stephen’s, Harrisburg was not until 10. It’s always a joyful privilege to break open the Word of God for the people of God, and to share the mysteries of the Eucharist with them, on the Lord’s Day. Sometimes I can’t believe I actually get paid for doing this. The post-liturgical repast was–as it always is at St Stephen’s–exemplary. The occasion was made sweeter by the opportunity to gather around Fr Tim Goodman for the sacrament of Holy Unction in anticipation of major heart surgery scheduled for just that day after tomorrow. We were on the road right at 12:30 and home around 4:20. Traffic was inexplicably thick on all three interstates that we traversed–57, 64, and 55.

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