The Lord’s Day (V Pentecost)

Woke up in Princeton, Indiana. From there it was about a 35 minute drive to Albion, where we made it in plenty of time for the scheduled 9am liturgy at St John’s. As they are served by a deacon, it was the first time the Eucharist had been celebrated there in about a year (they get Holy Communion from the reserved sacrament most Sundays). After Mass we had a very robust discussion in the parish hall about the mission strategy vision. They were very thoughtfully engaged with what I shared, and I had to almost break away at 11:30 in order to load my stuff in the car and hit the road for Robinson, where I was due at St Mary’s for a 1pm Eucharist with Confirmation. Again, the post-liturgical conversation was energetic and free-flowing. I feel like a salesman who’s racking up order in the field before the R&D and engineering departments are quite ready to ship product! A good problem to have. We made it home around 6.
Over on my “real” blog, I’ve shared some thoughts on the recent news that I am the potential respondent to a Title IV misconduct complaint. Have a look it you’d like.
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