The Lord’s Day (V Pentecost)

Up and out of our Mt Vernon hotel room at 0740, headed east. Arrived at St John’s, Albion about 20 minutes ahead of the regular 0900 Sunday liturgy. Presided and preached. The congregation at St John’s is small but dedicated and lively. Good folks. Then it was once again westward ho, arriving back at Toddhall around 1:30. There were phone calls, texts, and emails to attend to, but I got to do so sitting in a glider swing. #smallblessings  Presided and preached at the Cursillo closing Mass. Visited with some people afterward, informally. Hit the road around 5:00 and got home around 7:00. Put more than 600 miles on the brand-new YFNBmobile on this three day trip. Ready for some down time.

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