Christ the King

Up and out of the Hampton Inn, Marion around 0715. Breakfast at the nearby Bob Evans iteration. Then on to St Andrew’s, where I fielded questions at the 0900 adult forum. At 1000, I presided, preached, and received one adult. Tasty potluck followed. There is an almost tangible good vibe at St Andrew’s nowadays. They seem to be very happy under the care of the interim rector, Fr Dale Coleman.

A little past noon, Brenda and I headed east on State Route 13 all the way to Harrisburg for a meeting with Fr Tim Goodman, and his wife Carol. Fr Tim compares himself to a Timex watch–takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. He seems to have more lives than a cat. After what he’s been through, I was amazed to even be having such a conversation with him. He celebrated Mass from his wheelchair this morning, and his aspirational trajectory is to be able to walk unassisted and preside standing by Easter. May blessings abound.

So we hit the road northbound at 1:30opm and arrived home six hours later. Illinois is a big state, and we saw most of it from bottom to top today!

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