The Holy Name of Jesus

As you might have surmised, I’ve throttled back on the pace of my activity during the week after Christmas, and until next Tuesday, actually. (No visitation this weekend.) Yesterday, from home, I paid some attention to a small matter pertaining to our companion relationship with the proto-Diocese of Arequipa in Peru. Later, I read and replied to Ember Day letters from three of our postulants for Holy Orders. But … drum roll please … I did that from an Emergency Room bed at St John’s Hospital, once again with symptoms that mimic a cardiac event but turn out to be Something Else. I’m glad it wasn’t a heart problem, but I do wish I knew what the Something Else actually is. That quest continues. In the meantime, may the Holy Name of Jesus be adored by all everywhere, on this feast day thereof, and throughout the year. See you back in this venue Tuesday night.

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