Tales from Coronatide

St Thomas, Salem enjoyed the sunshine during outdoor liturgies!


St. Andrew’s, Edwardsville

St. Andrews dealt with many unexpected happenings this spring, beginning with online worship as the norm. Fr. Ben successfully led livestream worship on Facebook from Palm Sunday through Holy Week and Easter to Pentecost. Morning/evening prayer, as well as midday moments and several feast days, were observed in addition to Sunday worship, all online. As Illinois moved to Phase Three, St. Andrew’s re-opened its 8 a.m. Sunday service to a limited number of worshippers and offered communion on the church’s back lawn, following the 10 a.m. online service. Discussion in the vestry has begun about the re-opening of the 10 a.m. service.

Other surprises in recent months included significant damage to the roofs of the church and addition following a hail storm, plus a water line break in the undercroft of our historic church where most of the inventory for our used book sales are stored (over 20,000 titles). Thankfully, insurance claims will cover the cost of new roofs and reworking of the water line.

Our spring used book sale had to be canceled due to Covid-19, eliminating one of our major fundraisers, and leaving us with an unusually large inventory of books on hand. In response, we recently held a very successful outdoor book sale with shoppers and visitors required to wear a mask and observe social distancing.

Communication with parishioners became extremely important as providing service information in advance of all livestream services was needed. The weekly parish newsletter was expanded to include this material, as well as a link to the parish’s Facebook video listing. Extra effort was also invested in a new monthly mini-magazine, In Touch, filled with parishioner stories and pictures, as well as articles of interest to the home-bound.

We give thanks that no parishioners have become infected with Covid-19 and we all look forward to worshipping together again on Sunday morning when it is safe.

Marian Smithson


Diane Martin of the Episcopal Parish of Alton has a friend join her when she says the Daily Office every day!


Church of the Holy Trinity, Danville

Our Rector’s Warden, Mary Dae Haas, and her husband, Phillip, were active prior to the pandemic. Phillip played basketball twice a week at the former YWCA (which is now Crosspoints) and Mary Dae enjoyed her yoga classes once or twice a week.

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, Crosspoints had to close their gym. And, sadly, the yoga studio was a casualty of COVID 19 and had to close their doors.

Since Holy Trinity has a small gym with a basketball hoop, they decided to utilize that space to work out. They go twice a week. He takes his basketball and she rolls out her yoga mat. It’s important to take care of yourself, especially during these difficult times.

Bill Ogg, part-time organist comes to the church and plays the organ. It is a good way to get out of the house, but not be in public. He loves the peaceful quietness of the church. He is adamant-he ONLY plays music from the hymnals!



Justin Smith, a friend of the Diocese who is currently at St Mary’s in

downtown Kansas City, submitted photos of his home altar space.