Tabora Trip Updates

A verbal report from Bishop Martins from yesterday (7/4):

“Celebrating 4 July outside the United States means no fireworks, no parades, and no displays of Old Glory. But we had a great day anyway. We piled into Bishops Elias’ SUV and took a hour’s drive northeast to the village of Ndaba. St Matthew’s, Bloomington had raised a modest amount of money for a parish construction project, and our folks from there wanted to present it personally in cash. We were taken immediately to what they hope is the future home of the priest. Currently, it only has a floor and walls, and needs a roof before it can be inhabited. The amount presented by the people from St Matthews will cover about 40% of that amount, so they were thrilled to receive it. They broke out into the most joyful imaginable spontaneous singing! After sharing “tea” with them (it was sumptuous full meal), we took our leave as they serenaded us again. For lunch, we were taken to the home of Bishop Elias and Lucy, which was a most gracious occasion. After our meal, we visited with the dozen or so pigs that Lucy keeps (actually, one of them had been a “guest” for lunch). Clergy in Tanzania are paid very meagerly, so they all, including the bishop’s family, need to supplement their income with various forms of subsistence farming. It seems like all we did yesterday was eat, because we didn’t get back to the hotel from lunch until well after 3 o’clock, and we were picked up for dinner at 7:00. This took place at the diocesan complex, and included staff members from the Cathedral and the diocese. What a great trip this has been as we continue to strengthen ties of love, prayer, and common gospel mission in our two dioceses. This will be our last report. We leave Wednesday morning for a couple days in a (relatively) nearby (400 miles) game reserve to see some of God’s exotic (to us) creatures in this part of the world. Home over the weekend. I’m sorry that a weak Wi-Fi connection did not allow this one to be on video.”

Video update from Monday (7/3). They got to enjoy a more relaxing day in Tabora, along with a visit to the headmasters office!

This past Sunday (7/2) the Bishop had the opportunity to preach at a wonderful service. Tune into the video for more information about their Sunday adventures!

They have arrived safely in Tabora. Watch this video to see what they have been doing after their arrival!

The first update from Bishop Martins as he begins his trip to the Diocese of Tabora. Stay tuned for more updates!

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