St Thomas

  • Usual morning routine, save for a delayed departure from home to the office because I spend 15 minutes looking for my keys. Apparently there’s not an app for that.
  • Devotions in the cathedral (lighting candles under the crucifix in the rear, silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, Angelus–all part of the usual pre-MP routine); Morning Prayer in the office.
  • In consultation with the Archdeacon, took care of a small but important administrative matter (prompting the Disciplinary Board to elect a President for the coming year–this, of course, is a body one hopes is never called upon to do anything).
  • Put some considerable meat on the bones of a homily for Epiphany (which falls on a Sunday this cycle; I’ll be at Trinity, Jacksonville).
  • Spoke by phone with my friend the Bishop of Upper South Carolina about … well, you can imagine.
  • Made air travel arrangements to attend the spring House of Bishops meeting in March. I’m getting this sort of thing down to a system, with the aid of a nifty app called TripCase, and it’s rather less time-consuming than it used to be.
  • Hand-wrote a condolence note to a colleague bishop whose mother has recently died.
  • Broad stroke rough prep for the fourth of my four addresses at the diocesan ECW retreat in February.
  • Did my weekly hard-copy scanning chores in an attitude of prayer as I listened on YouTube to a recording of a live performance of Messiah by the choir of Kings College, Cambridge under the direction of Stephen Cleobury. I will confess only here–and you’ll have to take my word for it because you’ll never witness it–that I do sing along with much of it. It continues to be a blessing even as familiar as it is.
  • Loaded alternative forms for the Prayers of the People for Lent and Holy Week on to the diocesan website.
  • Loaded ten more sung Psalms for the Eucharist on to the diocesan website. (This is a recurring task until they’re all there.)
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
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