St Thomas (O Oriens)

In these days immediately leading up to and following Christmas, much of the working world throttles way back, and even though I may not personally feel an urge to do so (one might plausibly argue that I should, given a somewhat obsessive penchant for productivity and checking items off task lists), I find that many of my dance partners become unavailable, and I’m forced to scale back. I did get an important writing project done today (drafting the script for the next “Seven Marks of Discipleship” video series), dealt with some companion diocese business, skimmed the Master’s thesis (in theology) of one of our extremely bright seminarians, had a substantive conversation with the new rector of Edwardsville, prayed both offices, and took a hearty walk. Tomorrow I won’t even make a pretense, and shift attention to my domestic task list, which is growing and eminently available.

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