St Stephen

  • Slept in just a little, and indulged an a “soft” morning. Morning Prayer in my study at home. In the office around 10.
  • Reviewed some administrivia with the Archdeacon.
  • Processed a fairly substantial batch of emails.
  • Lunch fro MickyD’s, eaten at home.
  • Invested some serious prep time ahead of tomorrow’s joint meeting (weather permitting) of the Strategy Resource Team and the Spiritual Vitality Team. Felt good about the result, but it consumed some time.
  • Wrote out my customary milestone event (birthdays and anniversaries of clergy and spouses) cards for January.
  • Brief devotions (Angelus) in the cathedral around 4:30, then home, where I read the evening office in my study.
  • Brenda informed me that not only was I cooking dinner, but she told what I was to cook! So I threw together some Chinese-style chicken stir fry.
  • Spent a good part of the evening prepping for my participation in the “conciliation” meeting week after next concerning the Title IV action in which I am a respondent. 
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