St Stephen

A low-key, but not completely unproductive day. Spent a good chunk of time at the office-cathedral complex, helping Brenda get oriented to the organ (she’s subbing there this Sunday, and a couple of more time next month), doing some scanning of hard copy detritus, and writing out my customary notes to clergy and spouses with nodal events in January. Also managed to edit and upload the second session of last Lent’s teaching series at St John’s, Decatur.

For quite some time now I’ve had intermittent wonky chest symptoms, and after my adventures of the spring of 2013, I tend not to blow things off. There’ s a list of reasons why they should not indicate coronary artery disease, but lately there’s been a bit of an uptick, so it seemed meet and right to have it checked out. The bad news is that I spent about five hours in the ER at St John’s Hospital. The good news is that there’s no evidence of anything cardiac-related going on. So the symptoms remain mysterious, but they’re pretty mild, and apparently need not be a cause for anxiety, so I can chill out. Worth the co-pay.

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