St Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist

  • Email processing at home. Up and out at the usual hour.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Called and spoke briefly with Mother Virginia Bennett, rector of St Andrew’s, Edwardsville. She fell and broke her leg two days ago, and is still in a St Louis hospital.
  • Wrote a check from my discretionary fund for a member of the cathedral congregation who is participating in the anti-hunger Church World Service-sponsored CROP Walk. 
  • Tried once again unsuccessfully to resolve my sole remaining technical difficulty from my changeover to the world of Macintosh, which is that I can’t get my new laptop to connect wirelessly to the printer in Sue’s office (i.e. the only one available to me). But I’m nothing if not tenacious, and will solve this.
  • Took a call–finally–from Church Publishing regarding yesterday’s technical issue. The answer was hidden in a very non-intuitive place. Bad site design.
  • Worked on my working outline for tomorrow’s marathon seminar (Part 2 of 2) at St Thomas;, Salem. Stay tuned for video.
  • Lunch at home.
  • Continued work on tomorrow’s seminar. I believe it’s ready for prime time.
  • Put some major meat on the bones of the homily I will give at Bruce DeGooyer’s ordination to the priesthood on October 4 (yes, on St Francis’ Day, and, yes, the sermon does mention animals).
  • Made some air travel arrangements for one upcoming trip and lodging arrangements for another. October and November will both be busy travel months.
  • Friday prayer time: Ignatian-style discursive meditation on the daily office gospel for the feast of St Matthew.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. 
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