St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s is a small family size Eucharistic Community in Crawford County.  We average seven parishioners on Sunday.  We come to church to worship and we go out to serve.  Members are faithful in their attendance and  active in the community.  Our resources are limited, but not our enthusiasm.  We contribute to the 100  Women Project and recently our $100, along with the other contributors $100 went to help defer costs for Drug Court in the county.  We also have contributed $500 to the Episcopal Relief and Disaster Fund to help those suffering as a result of the recent hurricanes.  We send in our U.T.O. offering in the spring and in the fall as a reminder of the many gifts God has given us. We share our faith with others and visit those in the nursing home. Our ministry extents beyond the confides of the church. building.

We have been enjoying the return of a traveling contractor as he once again is working in Robinson.  Lyndon is a joy when he is in town and always returns to worship with us.  Our blessings abound and we find frequently that we have some friends and/or relatives come to our early service.  All are welcome.

Everyone attends coffee hour and frequently the discussion is quite lively.  It is a time to share and also to count our many blessings.  We await the birth of a grandchild to the Rains and we rejoice with Mother Ann as a great grandchild arrived recently.  Our faith is shared with those who may not be near enough to attend services but are remembered with cards and prayers.  We are faithful in what God has called us to.

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