St Mary the Virgin

  • Customary early AM weekday workday routine.
  • Out the door at 0735 for my 0800 appointment at the chiropractor. (The occasion includes chiropractic adjustment, rehab exercise, and massage therapy). Back home at 0930.
  • Organized my tasks, visited with our daughter for a bit, got cleaned up.
  • Spoke to an advice nurse by phone about a lightly mysterious sore throat.
  • Substantive phone conversation with a priest from outside the diocese about the feasibility of his serving in the Diocese of Springfield.
  • Lunch from Subway, eaten at home.
  • Spoke by phone with a priest of the diocese on a pastoral concern.
  • Ran a quick errand to the nearby Walgreens.
  • Yet another substantive phone conversation with a priest from outside about potential deployment within.
  • Made an initial homiletical drive-by of the readings for Proper 21, in preparation for preaching at St Stephen’s, Harrisburg on September 29,
  • Reviewed and responded to a request for a marital judgment.
  • Composed and sent a carefully-worded email to the Presiding Bishop’s canon about a sensitive canonical issue. (Ultimately, it concerns clergy deployment.) This precipitated a phone call from him, getting us pointed in a helpful direction.
  • Knocked back another section of the book Dignity (Chris Arnade), which I am reading to review.
  • Attended to packing and getting dinner made.
  • On the road for Springfield at 7:25. Arrived at 10:50. Settled in at my office encampment.
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