St Luke

  • Morning Prayer in my living room chair.
  • Responded at some length by email to some substantive concerns raised by some MLT members of one of our Eucharistic Communities.
  • Took care of some routine personal financial chores that I have been putting off for several days.
  • Did some major reconstructive surgery on an old sermon text for Proper 25 (a week from Sunday at St Matthew’s, Bloomington), making it usable for this go-round.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Wrote #21 of an eventual 30 lectionary meditations for Forward Day by Day.
  • Performed the same sort of action on a “previously preached” All Saints homily as I had for Proper 25, this one to be delivered at Trinity, Mattoon on November 4.
  • Took a vigorous 6,500 step walk on a fine fall afternoon in Chicago.
  • Attended to some last-minute details pertaining to the synod Eucharist tomorrow afternoon.
  • Spoke by phone in a pastoral capacity with a cleric of the diocese.
  • Got myself and Brenda packed for three days in Springfield. Waited out the rush hour traffic by having dinner at a “southern cuisine” establishment about a mile from our home, then hit the road south. Arrived at the downtown Doubletree around 10:45.
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