St Joseph

Nine years ago today I was ordained and consecrated Bishop of Springfield. I could scarcely have imagined then the sorts of leadership challenges that this day, and the last couple of weeks, have put in my path. But it was well into the afternoon before I could contemplate such things. Brenda woke up with severe pain in her ribcage area, something that has been developing since Monday evening. So we spent the morning in the ER at Swedish Covenant Hospital. The good news is that the X-ray was negative for fracture, which, by inference, means it’s a strained muscle. But, even pretty doped up, she’s continued to be in a lot of pain much of the time. That pretty well wore me out, and it was into the afternoon before I was back from the pharmacy having collected her prescriptions, Of course, then, in the afternoon it was all-COVID19-all-the-time. I’m getting hammered from multiple directions, and it’s difficult to know my own mind, let alone listen for the voice of the One tho whom I am alone ultimately accountable. But figuring out where my duty lies is clearly my cross to bear in this moment, and I intend to bear it as faithfully as the grace supplied me will allow. Jesu, mercy. Mary, pray.

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