St Joseph

  • Morning Prayer in the waning darkness, grateful to be celebrating the feast of St Joseph, the patron of my episcopate. I was consecrated eight years ago today.
  • Made breakfast, skimmed the news, did the crossword, prioritized (“triaged” might be a better word) my tasks for the day, showered and dressed.
  • Attended to a brief chore related to Brenda’s healthcare.
  • Took care of some concrete details pertaining to this Sunday evening’s liturgy for the ordination of two transitional deacons.
  • Began working on conceiving and hatching a homily for the ordination.
  • Broke off from that to go to a physical therapy appointment. Picked up some Chinese carryout for lunch on the way home.
  • Back to the ordination sermon, which eventually yielded something resembling a developed outline.
  • Took a brisk walk with Brenda on a lovely mild and sunny afternoon.
  • Made significant progress (though I didn’t finish) toward a draft of the ordination liturgy program.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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