St Joseph

Between the Standing Committee of the diocese as it was constituted in 2010, and the calendar of the Presiding Bishop, it was decided that St Joseph would be the patron of my episcopate, as I was consecrated on this day four years ago. St Joseph was the guardian of the BVM, who is the prototype of the Church. Following the patron of my episcopate, I endeavor to be a guardian of the Church. Still feeling like a round peg in a round hole, and grateful to the faithful of the diocese for placing their trust in me.

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Briefly took care of an administrative concern with the Archdeacon.
  • Prepared to celebrate and preach at the midday liturgy.
  • Met with the Office Manager and Treasurer of the cathedral on a couple of imminent concerns.
  • Met with Connie Lynn, cathedral Altar Guild directress, to go over some details of the Chrism Mass and Holy Week.
  • Attended to a small detail pertaining to the videography of my Lenten series in O’Fallon.
  • Attended to some Nashotah House business via email.
  • Presided and preached at the Mass for St Joseph’s Day.
  • Lunch at home, after running a brief errand.
  • Took some notes toward a Palm Sunday homily to the stage of rough draft text.
  • Laid out the broad strokes for next Wednesday’s final Lenten series presentation in O’Fallon.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

Going dark in this space until next Tuesday. Tomorrow Brenda and I fly to Phoenix, where we have tickets to two Cubs spring training games over the weekend!

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