St James

Up and away from the greater Nashotah House area by around 8am. KFC lunch in Bloomington. Pulled into the office parking lot right at 1. Brenda drove her own car (left there on Wednesday) home and I stayed. Processed some emails (as always). Took my sermon for Proper 13 (next weekend in Marion) from rough outline to rough draft. Prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary in the cathedral, with special intention for the Christians of Iraq, and all the baptized faithful who are in harm’s way because of their witness to the Risen One. Responded via email in as pastorally sensitive a way as I could to two people in other parts of the world who are eager to serve as clergy in the Diocese of Springfield. I am honored they would think of us, but had to be clearly realistic about the hurdles that lie ahead of any such aspiration. Took care of some routine personal management chores related to the transition from one calendar month to the next. Evening Prayer for the feast day in my office.

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