St Barnabas

Got up early and caught the 8:32 Amtrak departure from Springfield to Chicago. With wi-fi on the train now, and I can actually be productive, and I was, even quietly participating in a scheduled conference call (of the sort where I really didn’t have to say very much). Negotiated local transit and arrived at the Sheraton O’Hare in time for the lunch that began the semi-annual meeting of bishops from Province V (fifteen dioceses in the upper midwest). We are meeting concurrently with the Executive Board of Province V, so we joined them for an hour of discussion around new models of supporting ministry networks in the province. In our own time together, we covered the upcoming merger of the Diocese of Quincy into the Diocese of Chicago, the recently completed (but as yet unadjudicated) litigation in the territory of the Diocese of Quincy, and sundry other concerns. We continue tomorrow. In the evening, I caught a Blue Line L train to Logan Square and stopped in at the opening reception for an exhibition featuring some of my son Jordan‘s work.

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