St Barnabas

First full day of the 2017 St Michael’s Youth Conference in O’Fallon. I had breakfast at my hotel, but joined the group at 8am for Morning Prayer. The morning was packed with instruction: Bible 101, Christian Living (today’s focus: Dating), Communion & Creed (my topic), and Prayer. I led a 30-minute fast-paced music rehearsal at noon, after which we celebrated a sung Mass for the Feast of St Barnabas. After lunch there was some down time. The kids had some karate instruction from Fr Baumann, but I went back to the Hilton Garden to work on my presentation for tomorrow and stay on top of my email avalanche. Evensong at 5:30, followed by dinner and a trip to a bowling alley. That was fun. This is a great group of youth, but I am nearly completely worn out just after one day.

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