St Barnabas

Home is sweet, but this taste of sweetness was fleeting. I was unpacked and repacked and back on the road before 11:30, headed back north. By 3:00pm I was at St Paul’s Church in Riverside (suburban Chicago–interestingly, a few yards from where I lived for the year that I should have been in kindergarten, but wasn’t, because Riverside public schools didn’t offer it in the 1950s) … yes, out of my jurisdiction, but I was there with the permission of the Bishop of Chicago, since the occasion was the (transitional) diaconal ordination of Matthew Dallman, and St Paul’s was Matthew’s home parish before he was adopted by the Diocese of Springfield. It was a celebration that was splendid in every way, despite being in a church where the air conditioning wasn’t keeping up with the 90+ degree heat. After the ordination, and a subsequent celebration in a nearby Irish pub, I headed back south as far as Joliet, where I am camped out at my home-away-from-home, the Hampton Inn.

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