Ss Philip & James

Spent the day on the Nashotah House campus, wearing my official Chairman of the Board hat on the occasion of the Presiding Bishop’s first visit to the seminary. Matins and Mass, breakfast, a look at the new coffee house where the main part of the bookstore used to be. During morning classes, I found a computer with an internet connection in the library and processed a bunch of email. After lunch I met with the Associate Dean for Finance & Administration and the Academic Dean over a range of matters. After a little more (too little) library time, it was back to Adams Hall for a colloquy during which Bishop Katharine responded to a range of questions. There was one candid exchange around a challenging topic, but it never got close to “drama.” Then there was Evensong, after which she delivered a eulogy for the late Deacon Terry Starr. After dinner, I hung out a bit with the new and old bishops of Fond du lac, taking a tour of the library, chapel, and sacristy, guided by the Academic Dean. Bedding down now in my Oconomowoc hotel room, with a very noisy party going on in what sounds like the next room.

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