Ss Philip & James

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dropped by the office of the cathedral provost, just to check in.
  • Prepared the ordination certificate for David Wells. This involved melting red wax, pouring a dollop on the certificate in just the right and amount and just the right place, and then applying the seal of the diocese. Since this is now “the fifth year of our consecration” (per the language of the certificate), I’m getting better at it, and nailed this one in one pass.
  • Attended to some Nashotah House business via email.
  • Got to work on spending quality time with a couple of commentaries  on Mark’s gospel in preparation for preaching at Trinity, Jacksonville on June 7.
  • Took a substantive an important phone call from a Nashotah trustee.
  • Lunch at home–leftovers.
  • Finished the exegetical work on the readings for Proper 5 that I had begun in the morning.
  • Attended to a couple of additional Nashotah-related tasks.
  • Conceived, hatched, and laid out the broad strokes of my next post on the Covenant blog (due date in June, but there’s a lot on my plate between now and then).
  • Prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the rosary.
  • Took an initial fly-by over the readings for Proper 11 (July 19 at St Mark’s, West Frankfort).
  • Brief evening devotions in the cathedral.
  • Off to St Luke’s (Springfield) to prepare for the ordination of David Wells to the transitional diaconate. Everything went splendidly. These are always jorous occasions.
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