Ss Peter & Paul

  • Morning Prayer in the car en route to the Hyundai dealer for scheduled maintenance. The Archdeacon picked me up and brought be back to the office. He briefed me on yesterday’s auction sale of the property formerly used by St Alban’s, Olney. We did pretty well, all things considered; the auction was well-attended, which puts upward pressure on price.
  • Attended to the usual stack of emails, with intermittent confabs with staff over sundry administrative issues. This consumed most of the rest of the morning.
  • Scheduled routine phone conversation with Bishop Ed Salmon, serving as Dean of Nashotah House, wearing my board chairman hat.
  • I stayed in the office alone over the noon hour, since my car wasn’t done yet. Staved off imminent starvation with a stash of cashews I keep in my desk drawer while I wrote milestone event notes to clergy and spouses.
  • Got a ride back to Hyundai around 2, picked up the YFNBmobile, grabbed some Chicken McNuggets at McD’s, and returned to the office.
  • Spoke by phone with a lay person in the diocese whom I’m trying to recruit for the part-time position, recently made vacant, of “web monitor” and newsletter editor. I think we’ve done a deal, and just need to flesh out some details. Stay tuned.
  • Back to the milestone event cards.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • In the evening, hammered out the last of my four blog posts on General Convention issues.
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