Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany

I was originally scheduled to go to Havana today, but the folks at St Barnabas’ had a good reason to kick me down the road to December, so I had an unexpectedly free Sunday. But then I kept hearing reports of news and wonderful things happening at Trinity, Mattoon, and along came an invitation from Fr Jeff Kozuszek, their supply priest, to “come and see” at my earliest convenience. So I paid a supplementary visit to Trinity, enjoyed the assistance of Fr Jeff and Deacon Anne Flynn, worshipped the Lord in the beauty of holiness, and spent some quality time with the Bishop’s Committee taking counsel together for the future of that Eucharistic Community–i.e. how to leverage the “bounce” they’ve recently enjoyed in attendance and giving. Back home around 3, spending most of the rest of the afternoon and evening on details of this week’s clergy pre-Lenten retreat.

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