Seeking a Diocesan Archivist

Many thanks to Judith Puckett, along with a team of two others from St John’s, Albion as they end their time working on the Diocesan Archives!

The work of the Archives is ongoing, and Bishop Martins will appoint the next Archivist at Synod in October. Perhaps this person is you?!

While the work is important, it is ongoing and need never be stressful, and can be undertaken based on your schedule and availability. It has involved visiting the archive room at the Diocesan Office a couple of times a year to cull, organize, and catalog existing materials.  Some of these items are quite old, so knowledge of proper handling and preserving of papers is a plus.

Additionally, the past few years of the ‘digital revolution’ have created a need to establish best practices for the preservation of  what has been a mostly digital episcopate. Many documents currently exist within a dropbox account, with more to come as Bishop Martins eases out of office.

If preserving our Diocese’s history is something that excites you and you’d like to be of service, please be in touch with Bishop Martins!

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