Second Sunday in Lent

While I was scheduled to be at St Christopher’s in Rantoul this morning, the events of this week dictated that I should beg their indulgence so I could be with the people of St Paul’s Cathedral. Addressing parishioners who have suddenly lost a beloved and highly-regarded pastor can be tricky, but I would say that grace abounded. There was a very sweet spirit of mutual support in this time of grief. Presided and preached at both regular liturgies.

After some down time at home, including a nap. we headed back to St Paul’s for the visitation. The turnout was enormous, which speaks well of Fr Roderick.

Returning home again, I zeroed in on finishing my homily for tomorrow’s funeral, on which I had made good progress late last night. I got the last words of a rough draft entered right as it was time to departed to a gracious dinner engagement to which we had been invited while at the visitation. It’s good to get off the hamster wheel occasionally and engage in lively conversation over good food.

Back home a little past 9, whereupon I refined and printed the sermon draft I had earlier completed. All is in readiness.

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