Second Sunday after Pentecost

Woke up in my Princeton, Indiana hotel room; packed and out the door around 8am. Distressed not to be able to find my wallet anywhere, but glad that I keep an extra credit card in the car. Celebrated and preached with a small but animated group of worshipers at St John’s, Albion, followed by a very engaging discussion of mission strategy over an appetizing post-liturgical repast. I shared with them a condensed version of what I presented to the Clergy Day yesterday and it sparked a great deal of interest and conversation. As I was getting ready to leave Albion, I found my wallet, which was a cause of great rejoicing. I hit the road around 11:30, heading east and south to Evansville, IN, then across the Ohio River into Kentucky, eventually picking up I-24, which angles right into Nashville and then on toward Chattanooga, but off at a high point in the Cumberland Plateau called Monteagle, which is the gateway to Sewanee, the University of the South. I checked into the Best Western Smokehouse, got settled, and eventually met Springfield seminarian and his wife Carly for dinner at a place called Dave’s Modern Tavern. Pulled pork with BBQ sauce over garlic and bacon grits. Need I say more? After dinner, I met Cameron and Carly once again, this time on campus at the Memorial Cross, from which there is a breathtaking vista of the valley floor a thousand feet below, and a wonderful vantage point from which to watch the sun set. which we did, and then some.

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