Second Sunday after Epiphany

I woke up, of course, carless, having ridden Amtrak to Springfield last night. Normally, that would not be daunting, but with absolute temperatures in single digits, with added wind chill, I didn’t feel quite so tough. So I became Uber’s favorite customer, riding down to Charlie Parker’s for breakfast, back to the office, then to Christ Church for my visitation. Held a wide-ranging adult forum at 0900, then presided, preached, and confirmed three adults at 1015. After the coffee hour potluck, Fr Greg was kind enough to drive me back to the office, where I spent the afternoon trying to be productive, making substantial progress on sermon prep for Epiphany V (Holy Trinity, Danville)and Epiphany Last (St Paul’s, Pekin). Hoofed it up to Amtrak to catch the 4:55 northbound departure, from which I write now just pulling into Chicago at 8:00. Got *a whole lot* done en route, thanks to their wifi.

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