Saturday (Thomas Bray)

Across the alley for prayers around 0715. The down to McD’s drive-thru for a sausage McGriddle. Got my office encampment packed up and the YFNBmobile loaded. Headed south at 0905 to Edwardsville, where I pulled into the parking lot at St Andrew’s about 70 minutes later. Presided at the institution and induction of Fr Ben Hankinson as rector of the parish. A good time was had by all, and I have high hopes for the future of St Andrew’s. Long and high-quality visiting with a variety of folks at the reception. Then I ambled over to the Hampton Inn in nearby Glen Carbon (where I am visiting St Thomas’ in the morning). Got my stuff into the room and ,,, no computer. Turns out I’d left the whole bag–laptop, iPad, and computer glasses–in my office. Without really giving it a second thought, I just drove to Springfield and retrieved it. The jaunt consumed about 2.5 hours. Grabbed some (disappointing) barbecue in Collinsville, and am calling it a night, having surrendered my hopes for a semi-productive afternoon.

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