Saturday (St Louis, King of France)

Up and at ’em on the early side, in time to his the road before 7:30 in order to arrive in Salem in time to  begin the evangelism seminar (aka “Proclaiming Good News 101”) by the scheduled 10am start time. We succeeded, and it was a very good day, with nearly thirty people in the room. In addition to St Thomas’, there were representatives of St John’s in Centralia, Trinity in Mt Vernon, and St John’s in Albion. We concluded at 3:40, twenty minutes ahead of schedule. Carl Slaughter on Alton Parish, our unofficial diocesan videographer, we there ahead of me, set up with no fewer than three concurrent camera angles. Once he does his editing magic, it will all be up on the website.


After taking leave of Salem, I pointed the YFNBmobile westward to O’Fallon, where I’m checked in at the Hilton Garden, having caught The Bourne Legacy at the local cineplex. Tomorrow it’s off to St Bartholomew’s, Granite City, for an 8:45am liturgy.

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