Saturday (St Justin Martyr)

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Breakfast at Charlie Parker’s.
  • Began working on notes to clergy with “nodal events” in June.
  • Met with the head of the Search Committee from St Andrew’s, Carbondale to discuss the territory ahead during their pastoral transition.
  • Grabbed a lunch of fried fish from Carter’s Fish Market on South Grand Avenue East and brought it back to the office to eat while I watched a show on Netflix.
  • Got back to writing the notes to clergy. It was quite a stack: on the light side with birthdays, but a TON of June ordination anniversaries (five on the 29th alone).
  • Dealt by email with a small administrative issue.
  • Straightened up my desk and credenza.
  • Responded to an application for the Communicator position.
  • Did a bit of routine personal organization.
  • Took a brisk long walk up Second Street to North Grand Avenue, over the Sixth, and back down.
  • Packed up and headed to Effingham for the night. Dinner at Friday’s.
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