Saturday (St John of the Cross)

  • Morning Prayer in my hotel room. Made do with the breakfast offerings downstairs.
  • Drove to the starting point of one of my old Springfield walking routes, one that exploits parts of abandoned interurban rail beds. It’s a long-ish route, so I got my full 10K steps in, and then some.
  • Back to the room to clean up and change.
  • Picked up and early lunch from the drive-thru at Taco Gringo, and brought it up to the office to eat in front of an episode of the TV show Britannia, which is about the Roman invasion of Britain in the first century.
  • Tackled a substantial list of action items–from Mission Strategy Reports to Ember Day letters to anxious emails from wardens of parishes in transition to restoring a decorative fountain in my office to working order. That last item should give a clue that I got down to the dregs of my task list–things I’ve been putting off for months because there was always something more important. I actually finished everything on my list, not just for the day, but for the week, which almost never happens. There will be a bunch of new items that pop up in the system next week, but, for now, I’m enjoying “task list zero.”
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. Fajitas in the bar at Chili’s for dinner.
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