Saturday (St Irenaeus)

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Breakfast from Hardee’s.
  • Dealt with two requests for consent for the consecration of bishops-elect. One was a quick and easy decision. The other invited me to do some due-diligence internet sleuthing. I ended up consenting to one and not consenting to the other.
  • Did the finish work on my homily for this Sunday, at St John the Baptist, Mt Carmel.
  • Started in on a handful of smallish administrative/pastoral items.
  • Lunch from Taco Gringo, eaten in the office.
  • Wrapped up some of the loose ends of what I was working on before lunch.
  • Met for two-plus hours with a group of clergy for another session of mystagogy, using the propers for this Sunday as the basis for our reflections. It was another rich time. I am holding in prayer how this practice might be more deeply embedded in the diocese.
  • Met privately on some other matters with one of these priests–a “ten-minute” conversation stretching to nearly an hour. You know how it goes.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Fried catfish from Carter’s Fish Market. Then a nice walk in the final hour of daylight around downtown.
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