Saturday (St Gregory of Nyssa)

This was a day for low-key connecting.

The meditation at Morning Prayer was given by George Councell, Bishop of New Jersey, his theme being “godly leadership in the wake of natural disaster” (Superstorm Sandy battered the area of his diocese late last year). It was a moving and profound reflection, culminating in this stunning poem by R.S. Thomas. Also memorable was how he began his remarks expressing gratitude for “doing what I love for the One I love with the people I love.” My sentiments exactly.

I then took a two-miles leisurely walk around the lake with my long-time friend and colleague Ed Little, Bishop of Northern Indiana.

Right before lunch we gathered back at our table groups to ponder together the theme of Bishop Councell’s reflection.

During lunch, we met sat together by Province, so I was with my colleagues in Province V.

After lunch, it was another walk around the lake, this time with Bill Love, Bishop of Albany, who serves as my three-year “peer coach” in the College for Bishops program.

Brief nap, followed by some time with the novel I’m currently reading, then some spontaneous conversation with two colleagues.

Dinner for the “Class of 2011” (all bishops elected during 2010; there are twelve of us) was at the home of Jay and Carolyn Magness. Jay is Bishop Suffragan for Federal Ministries (his main work is supervising Episcopal military chaplains). Most of the time they live in the D.C. suburbs, but this, they say, is their real home. I am blessed to be in an exceptionally compatible and well-bonded class of bishops and spouses. We really enjoy one another.


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