Saturday (St Brigid)

  • Met for two hours with about fifteen people at Holy Communion, Charleston–all of whom are either getting baptized, presenting someone for baptism, getting confirmed, or being received (and some in more than one category) at tomorrow’s 10am Mass. It was an energetic time of sharing and teaching.
  • Had lunch with Charlie von Rosenberg, bishop of the Episcopal Church in South Carolina. Delicious shrimp and grits.
  • Re-united with Brenda back at the hotel. Enjoyed a glass of wine while she lunched at 39 Rue Jean. Then we walked down King Street, stopping first to buy a couple of cheap umbrellas, which pretty much guarantees that it will not rain during the rest of our time here. Money well spent. We poked our heads in various stores as far south as Queen Street, then headed back to the hotel.
  • Rested, napped, and caught up on email processing.
  • Enjoyed dinner with Fr Dow and Fiona Sanderson at a splendid restaurant called Muse.
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