Saturday (St Brigid of Kildare)

Up and across the alley at 0730 for devotions and Morning Prayer; then down to McD’s for a drive-thru breakfast. The remained of the morning until the 11am start time for the SKCM Mass was spent in liturgical “puttering,” attending to myriad small details of preparation and rehearsal. Attendance was not what me might have hoped or expected, but the event itself was splendid. The Blackburn students who sang the Mass did a stellar job. Then there was the luncheon at 825, which was lovely. Following that, I kept a scheduled appointment with an aspiring postulant for holy orders, and his wife. It was a good and fruitful conversation. By that time, my introversion was pretty sorely taxed (which means I was in the mood for a nap), but I soldiered on and took a vigorous walk to get me past my daily step goal. Back in the office, then, I did the finish work on tomorrow’s homily (Trinity, Mt Vernon), did some more liturgy prep work for the clergy retreat, and processed the hard-copy items in my physical inbox. Evening Prayer in the cathedral. Dinner at the nearby Bernie & Betty’s.

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