Saturday (St Athanasius)

Allowed myself to sleep in a bit and spend a leisurely half-morning eating breakfast, perusing the interwebs, reading Morning Prayer, and answering a bit of email. Hit the Bowflex in the basement for my usual workout, then the streets of Leland Grove and Springfield on a gorgeous spring morning. I can no longer deny that a walking route that used to take me an hour now consumes about 15 or 20 extra minutes. My cruising speed just isn’t what it used to be. For that matter, neither is my age.

After a shower and lunch, I went out for a haircut. Back home to look at General Convention travel plans. Not locked down yet, but almost. I then attended–just as a pew-sitter–the special 5:00pm Eucharist at the cathedral using the 1789 Prayer Book rite, in connection with this weekend’s Lincoln funeral sesquicentennial observances. Brenda was in the choir for the occasion, and since I had no liturgical role in the service, it occurred to me about halfway through that I should have been as well. It would have been fun.

Back home to pack, then head south. Dinner it Litchfield at Ruby Tuesday. We’re not settled in at the Hilton Garden in O’Fallon ahead of tomorrow’s visit to St George’s, Belleville.

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